30 September 2019

How Employee Mental Health Impacts The Bottom Line

So to kick this article off with the words of a man much smarter than me.. A company runs on happiness. When was the last

28 September 2019

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Can Help You Believe In Climate Change

Why is it that despite 97% of scientists agreeing on climate change, millions of people still claim that it's a hoax? The answer is simple.

25 September 2019

How Cognitive Distortions Impact Startup Founders

When I came onboard Quirk about 4 months ago, I honestly knew very little about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Cognitive Distortions. My brother had launched

24 September 2019

2019: Top 7 Apps To Improve Your Mental Health

While going to a traditional therapist is often the most effective option to help you overcome any mental health obstacle, for many people it's simply

22 September 2019

What's Going Wrong In Mental Health Tech

Quirk is definitely not the first company in the space of mental health tech. We are proceeded by a whole host of companies and startups

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