If I Have Anxiety Does That Mean I Am Crazy?

If you have anxiety it does not mean that you are a crazy person; though sometimes anxiety attacks can be so extreme to the point that victims begin to believe that they are crazy. Besides, according to studies done by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), it was revealed that anxiety disorders are the most prevalent types of mental disorders in the United States and it affects over 40 million adults.  Ok now, pay keen attention to the figure quoted. If having anxiety means that you are crazy, that would, therefore, mean that the United States have over 40 million crazy people? This is certainly not the case!

Before we go any further, let’s examine what anxiety truly is and also let us define the word crazy.

What is Anxiety?

According to the American Psychology Association, “Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress and can be beneficial in some situations.” Anxiety can be triggers that indicate when danger is present and help us to adequately arm ourselves to deal with the danger. Of a fact, the definition said nothing about crazy. Do you feel much better now? Great, now take a breather.

What does it mean to be crazy?

Have you ever been called a crazy person? Ok, think back on why you were called crazy. Most times people use the word crazy wrongfully. Gerald Goodman, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) said that “Believing that you are going crazy is a good clue that you are sane.”

Whenever someone has psychosis which is a severe mental condition in which an he or she loses touch of reality, they are not aware of it. Therefore, if you are spending hours on the net googling and trying to figure out if you are crazy, chances are you are not, so relax honey.

Let us see what crazy means. We definitely will not ask Cortana for this one! According to Psychology Today Crazy is defined as “being mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way.” This goes to show that persons who have anxiety are not crazy. They are two different situations or conditions. You may be familiar with persons who are not known to have mental illness who have had one are two aggressive flare-ups. Does that make them crazy? not at all.

Millennial’s Definition

If you are up to par with most of the millennial terms, then you know that being crazy means something totally different from what was discussed earlier.

If you are a risk-taker and love to have fun you may be referred to as being a little crazy. A person who jokes around a lot may also be called crazy.

Here’s another one, if you are head over heels for something you may  call yourself crazy. For example, “I am crazy over those shoes”.

Yep! That’s crazy!

A crazy person:

  • You are not aware of your odd behaviors.
  • You are hearing or seeing things that no else is experiencing.
  • You behave unusually in normal circumstances very often.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms listed above? If yes, then you may need to seek medical attention. Note, that this may be a case of you becoming obsessed with someone or something. However, it’s best to get help as soon as possible to prevent or treat any mental illness that may be present.

Where to get help

You can get a referral from your general practitioner to see a mental health specialist or a psychologist. They will help you to explore your thoughts and feelings and determine what is going wrong and get you back on track. You can also visit a mental health center and have them perform a mental assessment exam.

Nicolette Tomlinson

Nicolette is a Registered Nurse who is very passionate about health care and mental health. She's a contributor for a number of publications and loves to write about Traveling, Health, Nursing, Fitness, IT, Gardening, Academic Writing (APA), and Natural Hair Care.