27 September 2019

3 Realities Of Dating Someone With A Mental Illness

In today’s day and age, dating can be a major struggle. It seems like everyday, a new dating app or website comes onto the

27 September 2019

7 Signs Of A Good Therapist

I started seeing therapists as early as age twelve in regards to what early teenage me would have described as crippling anxiety and less than

25 September 2019

How Cognitive Distortions Impact Startup Founders

When I came onboard Quirk about 4 months ago, I honestly knew very little about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Cognitive Distortions. My brother had launched

25 September 2019

Stressed Out? CBT Can Help!

People sometimes think that therapy is only beneficial if they are in an acute crisis, feeling very depressed or anxious. Some therapies, CBT in particular,

24 September 2019

2019: Top 7 Apps To Improve Your Mental Health

While going to a traditional therapist is often the most effective option to help you overcome any mental health obstacle, for many people it's simply

22 September 2019

What's Going Wrong In Mental Health Tech

Quirk is definitely not the first company in the space of mental health tech. We are proceeded by a whole host of companies and startups

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